AI-Related Courses at UBC

Updated early September 2022.  We do not guarantee that every AI-related course at UBC has been listed.


Course Instructor
Algorithms for Bioinformatics (CPSC 545) Jiarui Ding
Data and Society (SOCI 280) Laura Nelson
Data Management (CPSC 504) Rachel Pottinger
Human-Computer Interaction (CPSC 544) Karon Maclean
Information Visualization (CPSC 547) Tamara Munzner
Machine Learning and Data Mining (CPSC 340) Mi Jung Park
Operating Systems (CPSC 508) Margo Seltzer
Sparse Matrix Computation (CPSC 517) Chen Greif
Topics in AI: Discourse in modern NLP: understanding and generating long text (Discourse in NLP) (CPSC 532G) Giuseppe Carenini
Topics in AI: Machine Learning and Data Mining (Intro ML and DM) crosslist with CPSC 340 (CPSC 532M) Mark Schmidt
Topics in AI: Modern Statistical Learning Theory (STAT LEARN THRY) (CPSC 532D) Danica Sutherland
Topics in AI: Never-Ending RL - Reinforcement Learning (Never-Ending RL) (CPSC 532J) Jeff Clune
Topics in AI: Privacy in ML (CPSC 532P) Mi Jung Park
Topics in AI: Probabilistic Programming (PROB PROG) (CPSC 532W) Frank Wood
Topics in Algorithms and Complexity: Combin. Optimiz (CPSC 536S) Bruce Shepherd
Topics in Artificial Intelligence: Vision & Language (CPSC 532S) Leonid Sigal
Topics in Computer Systems: Causal Inference in Machine Learning (CAUSAL ML) (CPSC 532Y (538L)) Mathias Lecuyer
Topics in Human-Computer Interaction (ML & Signals) (CPSC 554X) Robert Xiao
Topics in Simulation and Optimization: Digital Humans (CPSC 535P) Dinesh Pai
Artificial Intelligence II (CPSC 522) David Poole
Topics in AI: Models of Strategic Behavior (StrategicModels) (CPSC 532L) Kevin Leyton-Brown
Topics in Artificial Intelligence: Commonsense Reasoning in Natural Language Processing (NLP COMMONSENSE) (CPSC 532V) Vered Shwartz
Topics in Computer Graphics: Deep Learning for Computer Vision and Graphics (Visual AI) (CPSC 533R) Helge Rhodin
Topics in Computer Graphics: Visual Geometry with Deep Learning (Deep Vis. Geom.) (CPSC 533Y) Kwang Moo Yi
Topics in Algorithms and Complexity: Computational Biology (Comp Bio) (CPSC 536R) Andrew Roth
Machine Learning (CPSC 540) Mi Jung Park
Physical User Interface Design and Evaluation (CPSC 543) Karon Maclean
Topics in Human-Computer Interaction: Designing Augmented and Virtual Reality Experiences (AR/VR INTERCTN) (CPSC 554Y) Dongwook Yoon
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (CPSC 322) David Poole
Applied Machine Learning (CPSC 330)
Advanced Machine Learning (CPSC 440) Mark Schmidt
Computers and Society (CPSC 430) Kevin Leyton-Brown
Bayesian analysis (STAT 520A) Alexandre Bouchard-Côté
Variational Bayesian Methods - VARIATIONL BAYES (STAT 520B) Trevor Campbell
Topics in Symmetry in Statistics and Machine Learning (STAT 547S) Ben Bloem-Reddy
Algorithms in Bioinformatics (CPSC 445) Jiarui Ding
Compressed Sensing (MATH 555 201) Yaniv Plan
Introduction to Stochastic Processes (MATH 303 202) Yaniv Plan
Introduction to Probability (MATH 302 201) Elina Robeva
Applied Linear Algebra (MATH 307) Ozgur Yilmaz
Computational Methods in Geological Engineering (EOSC 213) Eldad Haber
Nonlinear Inverse Theory (EOSC 555B) Eldad Haber