CAIDA's Scientific Focus

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is experiencing a period of rapid growth, with the potential for profound impacts on the economy and society at large. The current AI revolution is fueled, in large part, by machine learning. Notably, deep learning has made enormous recent progress on perception tasks from speech recognition to image understanding to biometric security. However, even if machine learning worked as well as it possibly could, AI would not be “solved”. Given a reliable predictive model of a system, one inevitably wants to use this model as a basis for decision-making: that is, for taking action.







CAIDA is UBC's main AI research organization. It consists of over 100 professors and their research associates, spanning 27 departments/schools/institutes/etc. The Centre's focus is the development, analysis, and application of AI systems for decision-making and action, enabled by core AI technologies such as machine learning and automated reasoning. It is part of the Institute for Computing, Information and Cognitive Systems (ICICS).  CAIDA is a proud member of the CLAIRE research network.