Book Release: An Introduction to Lifted Probabilistic Inference

An Introduction to Lifted Probabilistic Inference image

September 23, 2021

CAIDA member David Poole, alongside fellow authors Guy Van den Broeck, Kristian Kersting, and Sriraam Natarajan have recently published a book on probabilistic lifted inference titled "An Introduction to Lifted Probabilistic Inference."

Lifted inference is about exploiting structure in probabilistic models that are about things. If you want to model entities, such as people, food, wine, dinners, sunsets, songs, pandemics or viruses, there is structure that gets lost when you reason only in terms of random variables and features. This book is about how to model, learn and reason with such structure. All Bayesians should do lifted inference: every entity about which we have the same information needs to be treated identically.  This creates symmetry we can exploit.

A big congratulations to all of the authors and contributors! For a full summary and links for where to purchase the book, click here.

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