18 CAIDA Members Among the World's Top 2 Percent of Most-Cited Scientists


July 6, 2022

25 researchers in UBC’s computer science department have been included in Stanford’s list of top 2% most-cited scientists.  The Stanford ranking is based on the bibliometric information (citation metrics) contained in the Scopus database which includes more than 180,000 researchers. Of those 25 researchers within UBC CS, 18 are also CAIDA members.  This is an extraordinary expression of the prestigious work not only being done at UBC but within UBC’s Artificial Intelligence community. 


CAIDA Members Included on the List:

Uri M. Ascher
Giuseppe Carenini
Cristina Conati
Laks V.S. Lakshmanan
Kevin Leyton-Brown
James J. Little
Karon MacLean
Alan Mackworth
Ian M. Mitchell
Tamara Munzner
Gail C. Murphy
Raymond Ng
Dinesh K. Pai
Michiel van de Panne
David Poole
Margo Seltzer
Alla Sheffer
Leonid Sigal

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